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High Speed Diesel-Electric Locomotives For Sale

High speed diesel-electric locomotives for sale
Unit shown is an example of units available and is offered subject to prior sale.

The British Rail InterCity 125 (HST - high speed train) needs little by way of introduction; and ROMIC Group is proud to be able to offer the Class 43 HST locomotives to the world market.

Built by British Rail Engineering between 1975 to 1982, the Class 43 is still officially the fastest diesel locomotive in the world, with a recorded top speed of 148.5mph. Regular service speed was 125mph, with trainsets formed of Mk3 coaches with a Class 43 power car at each end.

From 2005 the class was extensively overhauled and life-extended with the original Paxman Valenta power units being replaced with MTU 4000 units.

The Class 43 offers a proven high-speed, long-distance passenger solution for non-electrified lines.

ROMIC Group is able to offer these locomotives worldwide, having already supplied a number of these locomotives in Mexico and Nigeria. We can provide an end-to-end service including shipping from the UK, training and handover, and provide a support package of spare parts including major spares such as engines, alternators and bogies.

Mk3 coaches also available in a variety of configurations; first class, standard class, restaurant / buffet and with guard's / train manager accommodation.

We welcome expressions of interest from interested parties.

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Detailed Specification

Class: 43 Operator: Various UK Type: Locomotive - Passenger Usage: Cross-country Transmission: Diesel Electric Diesel engine (make/model): MTU 16V4000 R41R Traction motors (make/model): GEC G417AZ (43124-43152) / Brush Traction TMH68-46 (frame mounted, four per locomotive) Wheel arrangement: Bo-Bo Bogie type: BP10 Specification: UK Maximum speed: 200 km/h (125 mph) Power: 1,678 kW (2,250 hp) Power at rail: 1,320 kW (1,770 hp) Maximum tractive effort: 80 kN (17,980 lbf) Continuous tractive effort: 46 kN (10,340 lbf) Multiple working: Within class Build year: 1975 - 1982 Maker: British Rail Engineering Limited Re-build year: 2005 - 2010 Quantity produced: 197 Quantity offered: - Gauge: 1,435 mm (4' 8.5") Length over buffers: 17,790 mm (58' 4 3/8") Width: 2,740 mm (9') Height: 3,900 mm (12' 9.5") Overall weight: 70.25 tonnes Axle load: 17.56 tonnes Fuel capacity: 4500 L (990 gallons - UK) Train brakes: Air


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