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Standard Gauge DMU Diesel Multiple Units for Sale

2-car DMU diesel multiple unit for sale
Unit shown is an example of units available and is offered subject to prior sale.

The Class 156 'Super Sprinter' diesel multiple unit is a well proven second-generation DMU that has been in operation in the UK since 1988.

Operated initially by British Rail, and more recently various UK train operating companies, the units have undergone various refurbishment programmes.

Each 2-car unit has a seating capacity of between 140 and 152 passengers (depending on operator configuration), with one lavatory, public address system, and a bicycle and luggage storage area. Single-leaf pocket sliding doors are fitted (two per side per car), the vehicles are connected by a flexible diaphragm, and the units are fitted with AWS and TPWS safety systems.

Class 156 DMUs feature multiple working capability within the class, and with classes 14x, 15x, and 170 DMUs.

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Detailed Specification

Class: 156 Operator: Various UK Type: Multiple Unit - DMU Usage: Outer-urban Number Of cars: 2 Transmission: Diesel Hydraulic Diesel engine (make/model): 2 × Cummins NT855-R5 (one per vehicle) Transmission (make/model): 2 × Voith T 211 r (hydrokinetic, one per vehicle) Wheel arrangement: 2′B′+B′2′ Bogie type: BREL P3-10 (powered) / BREL BT38 (unpowered) Specification: UK Maximum speed: 120 km/h (75 mph) Power: 430 (total) kW (570 (total) hp) Multiple working: Within class, and with classes 14x, 15x, and 170 DMUs Build year: 1987 - 1989 Maker: Metro-Cammell Quantity produced: 114 Quantity offered: - Gauge: 1,435 mm (4'8.5") Car length: 22,385 mm (73' 5.3") Width: 2,730 mm (8' 11.5") Height: 3,805 mm (12' 5.8") Distance between bogie centres: 16,000 mm (52' 5.9") Overall weight: 38.6 (DMSL) 37.9 (DMS) tonnes Train brakes: Air Brake type: Tread Brake manufacturer: Electro-pneumatic (tread) ('Westcode' three-step) Coupler type: BSI Seating capacity: 140 –152 seats


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